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  • What is this website for?

    It's for fun. It's just a pet project that grew into something worth sharing, it comes with no guarantee though, see disclaimer. That being said, I hope it can help discovering and comparing photo gears.

  • Is this website related to any others?

    No, this is an independent website not affiliated to any of third party website which are used to display images.

  • Samples are nice but any recommendations for lens comparison?

  • How accurate are Maker/Camera/Lens and others information?

    At best they can only be as accurate as EXIF tags, these are usually accurate but I cannot exclude some where edited after the camera wrote them.

  • Why do some lenses have multiple names?

    Lens information are extracted from EXIF tags, different firmware versions sometimes use different name for a given lens or camera model. That's why brand name can be missing from lens name.

  • I don't see the Camera or Lens that I'm looking for, is that it?

    Searchable content is growing weekly so it's worth checking again regularly. Also I'd be happy to know what gear people are looking for so that I can better match visitors' expectations, please drop me an email (see About tab).

  • Nice website but I'd like it to have ...

    Yes, this is early stage, I have lots of ideas of things to add/improve but I'm unclear what are most wished, so again please drop me an email.

  • Curate more list of makers, cameras, lenses

  • Grow photos database

  • Grow gears database for more friendly model names instead of model code (from exif)

  • Add push-on-green

  • 2021/04/25: Adding more cameras/drones (e.g: DJI Air 2S)

  • 2021/02/28: Adding Adsense in search results

  • 2021/02/09: Improve indexing of new cameras, including Sony A1 (ILCE-1)

  • 2021/01/26: Reduce # of API calls by generating more content at build time

  • 2021/01/26: Fixed inconsistent URL trailing slash issue

  • 2021/01/25: URL to Search Query refactor, considerably reduce JS exec time

  • 2021/01/19: Update FAQ with links

  • 2021/01/18: Minor performance & SEO improvements

  • 2021/01/03: Now showing metadata for most Sony and Zeiss lenses

  • 2021/01/02: Selecting Maker now filters Lenses available for selection, previously only Camera was filtering Lenses

  • 2020/12/28: Search result order is prioritizing camera original photos

  • 2020/12/28: Added floating button to go back to the top

  • 2020/12/27: Added model name for DJI drones, previously only showing model code, e.g: FCXXX

  • 2020/12/26: Clean-up pics with missing links

  • 2020/12/20: Added logo

  • 2020/12/06: Ported to Gatsby for static content

  • 2020/11/18: Show some specifications of Cameras and Lenses

  • 2020/11/18: Maker/Camera/Lens are now group by type, sensor size and brand respectively

  • 2020/10/17: Added switch to only show camera originals (not post-processed)

  • 2020/10/16: Added ExposureTime to search form

  • 2020/10/15: Added welcome message

  • 2020/08/31: Moved API to port 443 to prevent proxy error.

  • 2020/08/10: Rewrote Backend from REST to GraphQL.

  • 2020/07/15: Updated and curated database, now containing over 43 Millions photos.

  • 2020/07/13: SuperZoom feature! Allow to load full resolution picture for pixel inspection

  • 2020/07/12: ISO slider now use exponential scale

  • 2020/07/10: Changed from url params to url path

  • 2020/07/02: Added url params for url sharing

  • 2020/06/28: Added FocalLength, Aperture, ISO min/max to search form

  • 2020/06/21: Added Sliders with auto adjust min/max range based on

  • 2020/06/11: Major Refactor